The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for investigating all crimes referred from the Uniform Patrol Division or reported to the Criminal Investigations Division. Criminal Investigators gather information to verify that a crime has been committed; obtain evidence to identify; arrest and convict those who violate the law; and to locate stolen property.

 Fraud Unit

The Forgery/Fraud Unit of the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office investigates financial crimes which occur in the County, consisting of forgery, financial transaction card fraud (unauthorized use of credit, check, debit and EBT cards or account numbers), theft by swindle (scams, con games, misrepresentation), identity theft, and embezzlement.

Special Victims Unit


Sgt. Richard Stein and Investigator Heidi Venable are assigned to the Special Victims Unit which investigates crimes involving domestic violence, cases of deaths, to include homicides, suicides, casualties, and natural deaths, aggravated assault/ battery cases, terroristic threats cases, stalking, child abuse cases both sexual and physical, and sexual assault cases involving adult victims, child solicitation, investigating child pornography, child abuse, elder abuse, domestic/family violence, abuse towards special needs people, missing persons and hate crimes.

The unit reviews initial police reports and determines if additional investigation is necessary to support the referred charges and/or new or different criminal charges. Handles follow up investigation including interviewing the alleged offender, conducting additional/initial interviews of the victim and witnesses, collecting and reviewing physical evidence, obtaining 911 tapes, jail phone records and relevant medical records, obtaining information on past criminal and domestic abuse history, obtaining follow-up photographs of the victim’s injuries when needed, and referring victims to the appropriate programs for assistance like the Circle of Hope or the Power House for Kids. The main goal is to insure that all case files are fully completed that all available information is gathered and forwarded to the district attorney’s office for successful prosecution.

Burglary and Robbery Suppression Unit


Investigators Chance Oxner, Matt Reeves, and Wesley Welborn are assigned to the Burglary Suppression and Robbery Unit. The purpose of the unit is to reduce chronic and persistent crime problems specifically burglary, entering automobiles and thefts, investigation of robbery offenses which include business robberies, street robberies, home invasion robberies, carjackings and purse snatchings.

The Burglary and Robbery Unit works closely with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) in the investigation of felons in possession of firearms. This unit also works closely with local city police municipalities, Mountain Judicial Circuit Narcotics and Criminal Investigative Services, pawnshops and other state agencies.

The Burglary and Robbery Unit’s Investigators are available to citizens for consultation any time at 706-839-0550.