Burglary Tips

Putting Burglars Out of Business and Out of Your Business

The more time it takes a burglar to break into your business, the greater the chance he’ll move on. Most burglaries are committed by amateurs. They can be deterred if you take basic security measures seriously:

  • Lighting: It is important for your business to be properly lighted inside and out. Outside, there should be lighting near all doors and windows. High pressure sodium vapor lighting is recommended. It eliminates shadows and is inexpensive to operate.
  • Windows: The most vulnerable parts of any business are glass areas. In more than half of business burglaries, entry is made by breaking the glass. All rear and side windows should be replaced or covered with iron bars of 26 gauge (or stronger) wire mesh screens. For display windows, smash-resistant window film should be considered.
  • Before closing up at night: Remember to turn on interior and exterior lights. Leave cash register empty and open. Turn off all computers. Finally, secure and check all doors, windows, and locks before leaving.