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(SPOT) Sexual Predator / Offender Tracking Unit

In January 2009, the Habersham County Sheriff's Office established a program to deal with the growing population of Sexual Predators and Offenders within Habersham County. The SPOT unit works closely with state and local law enforcement agencies in monitoring high risk sex offenders and predators.

Since its inception, the SPOT unit has been very successful in tracking offenders that attempt to abscond from probation or their registration requirements. The unit is responsible for insuring that the community is notified of known sexual predators that move into their neighborhoods. Many hours of surveillance are conducted on high risk offenders. The SPOT unit will conduct quarterly sweeps in Habersham County to insure offenders are complying with their conditions of probation and registration requirements. The SPOT unit Deputy Justin Williams is available for community meetings and to assist the community in the area of sexual offender and predator issues.

Sex Offender Registration
Location: Habersham County Sheriff's Office 1000 Detention Drive Clarkesville, Ga. 30523

Registration days: Monday through Friday Except weekends and Holidays 8:30am to 3:30pm or call Deputy Justin Williams at (706) 839-0500.

Who are considered sex offenders?

Sex offenders- person convicted of a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor or any dangerous sexual offense of this state, another state, territory, uniform code of military justice, or tribal court, must register within 72 hours after release from prison, placement on parole, supervised release or probation with the sheriff's office in the county where such person will reside.

Sexually dangerous predator- same as above but is determined most likely to commit another dangerous sexual offense.
Deputy Justin Williams 112

Questions or concerns regarding sex offenders? Do you have updated information about a sexual offender or predator we need to know?

Please contact the SPOT Unit at the e-mail link below



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