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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the heart and soul of the Sheriff's office. All calls for service are answered by the Patrol Division and passed on to the various other divisions as needed. This Division is a high profile, preventive, pro-active and responsive division.

The Deputies are responsible for traffic control, enforcement, security patrols, accident investigation and arrest of persons involved in crimes or misconduct. Additionally, they are tasked with preserving the Peace, responding to emergency radio calls, civil disturbances, and reports of missing children.

The Patrol Division is divided into four watches, which work two 12-hour shifts. Each watch operates with a sergeant, a corporal, and 3 deputies.

Approximately 279 square miles of Habersham County are divided into 3 patrol zones. Deputies are assigned to zones, allowing each zone deputy to become familiar with his or her patrol area.

Our Deputies are an integral part of our community policing and all put their best image and efforts forward to protect and serve our citizens.

Captain Robin Krockum 104
Commander of Operations


Lieutenant  Sam Jones 108


Lieutenant  T. Elrod 109


A - Watch
Sergeant B. Wright 119

Corporal C. Webb 129

Corporal Jeremy Eller 122

B - Watch
Sergeant W. Littlejohn 125

K-9 Corporal Brent Cook 128

K-9 Deputy H. Ziegler 133

Deputy George Cason 123

C - Watch
Sergeant M Wurtz 118

Corporal J. Shiflett 135 

K-9 Deputy G. Arrowood 142

Deputy Jordan McKay 130

D - Watch
Sergeant Greg Chastain 130

Corporal Tyler Moss 131

Deputy Jonathan Thomas 125

H.E.A.T. Unit
Sergeant Floyd Canup 127

Deputy Benny Loudermilk

K-9 Unit
K-9 Corporal J. Eller 122

K-9 Deputy G. Arrowood 142

K-9 Deputy H. Ziegler 133

Reserve Deputy Program

The Reserve Officer Program consists certified Deputy Sheriffs who donate their time to assist the Sheriff's Office with special events that require more manpower. This unit uses its resources and talents to further charitable causes which benefit the citizens of Habersham County and devotes many hours of personal service toward the goal of enhancing the public image of the Habersham County Sheriff's Office. The Reserve Officer Program operates as a non-profit organization. No proceeds of any kind are paid to any member for services rendered. 

Captain L. Tench 146
Deputy D. Tench 147
Deputy D. Perry 145
Deputy B. Smith 149
Deputy J. Stribling 155
Deputy I. Segars 128
Deputy J. Loudermilk 138

If interested in joining the Reserve unit please contact the Sheriff's office and ask to speak Captain Robin Krockum or you can email him at rkrockum@habershamga.com

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